Why is parking management necessary?

Parking needs to be managed to make sure we all keep on the move.

Anyone who drives knows of the problems caused by irresponsible motorists parking in the wrong place or blocking a space they are not entitled to use.

The majority of motorists park correctly but a vehicle parking incorrectly can not only be dangerous but cause delays, queuing, and inconvenience for other road and car park users. Parking enforcement is necessary to:

  • Encourage correct, sensible and safe parking.
  • Allow permit holders to have access to their parking facility at all times.
  • Ensure parking spaces meant for shoppers are not being used by drivers who are just looking for free parking.
  • Allow families with children to park safely.
  • Provide safe easy access for disabled drivers.
  • Reduce congestion on the roads and in car parks.
  • Help the emergency services access emergencies.
  • Make it safer for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Enable buses to operate more effectively.
  • Improve air quality, health and the general environment.

Parking tickets are called Parking Charge Notices (PCNs). These are either issued by a warden or via ANPR

There are several easy ways to pay your Parking Charge. When paying you'll need your Parking Charge Reference Number.

Debit/Credit card payments can be made by

calling 0208 528 4112 (Option 1)

Payment processing time - 0-3 days

Make cheque or postal order payable to Parking Collection Services and write your Parking Charge Reference Number on the back. Send your cheques with the payment slip to Parking Collection Services, P.O.Box 221, Manchester, M34 0DJ

Payment processing time - 3-7 days

Payment can be made at www.parkingcsl.co.uk (please have all your details available)

Please quote your reference number to:- Parking Collection Services, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sort code 16-00-01, account number 20973851